The Fact Machine

The Fact Machine’s objective is to demonstrate the potential of using modern data visualisation and machine learning techniques.

The Case for Data Analytics

Due to the digitisation of many facets of modern life, more and more data is collected each year.  At the same time computing power is increasing and getting cheaper. Data storage is also becoming much cheaper which leads organisations to retain data that they may have once  discarded. Open source analytic software including R, Python and Hadoop also help lower the financial hurdle to gain insights from large and complex data sets.  Finally, cloud computing allows the analyst to obtain huge by-the-minute computing resources.


About Me

My name is Mark Hatcher and I live in Canberra, Australia and work on contract for public sector organisations.  Before moving to Canberra, I spent about 15 years working for investment banks in Tokyo, Seoul, Zurich and Sydney.  I have an undergraduate degree with majors in accounting and econometrics and a masters degree in computer science.


I like entering open data competitions and have won two awards at the Australian Government sponsored GovtHack competition.  The entries can be found here (2012 – Climate change visualisation) and here (2014 – Languages of Sydney).



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